The Definitive RGC Meetup Postcards (10-pack)

$6 $12

Postcards are 4" x 6" in size and printed on 12 pt. coated card stock. Includes 10 in the pack. 

Artwork is created by Shelley Tian.

For each golfer on our blue dot, there is a unique game that is played. It’s something different for everyone and yet, it’s what ties us all together. And while a round lasts some period of hours, our club only goes back and through for little more than a minute - so next time you’re out there on this strange green surface playing a strange game with strange people (and dogs and aliens) remember that Random Golf Club represents all of us, playing as one.

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Our Mission

Make golf a club for everyone.


RGC Meetups are the physical manifestation of our mission. 60 people in 1 group. A partner you've never met. The pressure of 120 eyes and the reality that where your ball ends up? It doesn't matter quite as much as it did yesterday.


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