The Early Birds Collection

Everyone has their preferred time to play golf. Some enjoy a twilight round. Others prefer a mid morning stroll. But a few aim to be first on the course — leaving their footprints and putt lines in the dew to guide the groups that follow.

These are the early birds. And these are their tools.

Numbered & Signed

Early birds archival print

Limited run of 50 prints that capture the intricacies of what makes early rounds special. Designed and signed by RGC designer and Early Bird himself, John Kaser.



Collection Spotlight

RGC x Greater Goods Coffee

Sip and watch the sun rise over the driving range.


12oz whole bean bag created in partnership with Greater Goods Coffee Co.
Light roast with notes of toffee, marzipan, vanilla.

Profile Light - Medium
Producer Hermanos Solis, Don Oscar Mill
Region San Marcos, Tarrazu
Process Red Honey
Elevation 1650-2000 masl
Variety Catuai

Each bag of coffee sold includes a donation to one of four local Texas nonprofits. So each bag sold is more than just coffee - it’s meals for families, shelter for animals, and bright futures for children.